PRESS RELEASE: New Teaser Trailer for film shot secretly at Walt Disney World

Contact: Benjamin Lancaster

The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head is a feature comedy about the afterlife of the world
famous animator and media mogul.

Playing off the urban legend that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically preserved, a new
feature film is being produced and shot in the Orlando area. The movie was made without the
knowledge or permission of the Walt Disney Company or family.

The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head is a quirky comedy about the unlikely friendship
between the frozen head of Walt, and Peter, a low level theme park employee. During his yearly
dethaw to oversee the direction of his company and guard his creative legacy, Walt demands to
be finally allowed up to see his park, Walt Disney World. When management scoffs, he recruits
Peter to kidnap him for a day in the Magic Kingdom. The film draws its creative inspiration from
the live action comedies of the 1960s.

Significant portions of the film were shot on Walt Disney World property without the knowledge
of the Disney company. While this film is not the first to do so, it is the first feature film about the
urban legend of Walt Disney’s cryogenic preservation.

Social media for the film began over a year ago, with the creation of the popular Twitter parody
account @waltsfrzenhead. The account tweets humorous commentary on the parks, films, and
general news from the perspective of the cryogenically preserved head of Walt.

The film’s title character has not yet been cast. Walt’s head will be digitally composited into the
film. The compositing process will allow him to be added even though the majority of the film
has already been completed.

The film was cast and shot under the code name The Florida Project, the same code name
originally used for what would become the Walt Disney World resort. The project has the expected completion date of Spring 2017.

The trailer may be viewed at this link.


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Writer/Director/“Friend of Walt” Benjamin Lancaster is available for interviews and guest
appearances on podcasts.

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