We’d like to thank each and every one of the people who have already contributed to The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head crowdfunding campaign.

The Marceline Level

$1906 or more

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The Tempo Bay Level

$655 or more

R&D Jenkins
Bobbi Patchin

The Nautilus Level

$253 or more

Dick Romero

The Castle Level

$189 or more

Claire Snodell
John & Trudy Schneider
Les Davis
Erin Foster

The Boathouse Steak Level

$115 or more

Adam Schwartz
Terry Lancaster
Leland Wilt
Kristal Lindayag
Jason Kwan
Dennis Sobeck

The City of the Future Level

$82 or more

Mike Mahan
Cliff Lowe
Shawn Farrell
Len Testa
Sharon Wilt
S & C Baumann
Howard Bowers

The Monorail & Submarine Level

$59 or more

Dan D.

The Mouse Level

$28 or more

Jeffrey Evans
Robert Robinson
Robert Walker
Richard Amling
Michael & Kim Augustine
Gary Arruda
Griffin Knaak

The Asparagus Level

$21 or more

Vic Rozanski
Carol Hansen

The Iwerks Level

$19 or more

Paul Saulo
Lauren M Stimpfle
Abigail Walker
Anne Marie Witkowski
Sean Heline
Mike Amato
Kelly H
Kent Goodrich
Steven Tung
Tim Ritter

The Dwarf Level

$7 or more

James Mitchell
Derek Burgan
Jim Banta
Sydney Ray
Daniel Cooksley
Walter Benson
Brianna Ginn
Paul Dolan
Ronald D’Anna

The Standby Line Level

$2 or more

Kenneth and Sanjida Cabot
Kathryn Jenkins